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The Purpose of Muscle (Wrinkle) Relaxants : 
To reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the forehead, between the brows and around the eyes. Experienced doctors and nurses also sometimes use wrinkle relaxing injections on wrinkles on the lower part of the face and neck, often in combination with dermal fillers.

When you smile or frown, this is a result of a nerve signal from your brain to your muscles causing them to move. The wrinkle relaxing injections contain a purified protein that blocks this signal from the brain to the nerve endings. This means that when you laugh or frown, the overlying skin becomes smoother and unwrinkled, while the untreated facial muscles work normally, and facial expressions are not affected.  Your skin will be cleaned and then small amounts of anti-wrinkle toxin will be injected into the area to be treated. You will be advised not to massage or rub the treated area and to treat it gently for 24 hours following treatment.

The results 
The area treated should appear smoother and with less wrinkles. Results are often visible within  8* days after treatment, although it may take between 2-3* weeks after the treatment for the full effects to be seen.  The effects of Wrinkle injection generally last for about three to four months, although the results can last longer with repeated treatments. This treatment may be less effective for people aged 60 and over because the muscles underlying the skin are not as firm.
The risks
It is very hard to predict exactly how these injections will affect your muscles. You may find that the results are not what you intended. Very occasionally patients who receive anti-wrinkle injections in the forehead experience a drooping of the eyelids or eyebrows, although this is temporary and will resolve itself when the effects of  the toxin wears off. Rarely, double vision or blurred vision can occur. You should seek medical attention if this happens to you. The risk of side effects following treatment is reduced by going to an experienced practitioner.
What side effects may I expect following treatment?
Side effects, if they occur, are usually temporary and mild to moderate.  As with all prescription medicines, Muscle Relaxants can cause side effects and your clinician will advise you about these in more detail. Most side effects experienced by patients are temporary and are only of a mild to moderate nature and are linked to the injections e.g. pain after treatment, redness, swelling etc.
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Areas Treated
Frown lines
Horizontal Forehead lines
Eyebrow Lift
Crow Feet
Cauliflower Chin
Dimpled Chin
Pursed Lip
Gummy Smile
Nasal Scrunch
Necklace lines
Sad Face
Bunny Lines

Nefertiti Lines
Neck Lift
Chewing Muscles for Teeth Grinding and for Slimming and feminising the face

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