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Protein Diet

An Innovative & Effective Solution to nutritional challanges

Weight Loss with Improved health. Wide range of products for efficient weight loss exclusively under medical supervision.

We at HA Clinic offer a complete package for weight loss with healthy diet and body contouring.

Pronokal Method  is a personalised program  for weight loss under medical supervision based on a Protein Diet. The aim is not only to lose weight, but to maintain the results in the long-term.

Throughout the process, patients are supported by a full multidisciplinary team of doctors, dietitians, technicians in physical activity and experts in coaching (emotional reinforcement), who help to achieve short and long-term weight loss goals.

                                                    Description Table of the PronoKal Method Stages


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For More Effective Results the diet could be combined with other treatments available in the clinic .  Please See Our Laser Lipo ,  Endermologie and Fat Dissoving Injection Treatments