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Hair Loss-mesohair

Are You Suffering from Hair Loss?  New Effective treatment now available at Health & Aesthetic clinic

How does “Hair Loss Treatment” work?

As a locally targeted and minimal invasive method, cosmetic and therapeutic formula is injected into the skin by repeated microinjections.

Meso-Hair has become one of the most common aesthetic procedures in both male and female patients.

Adapted to the physiological needs of the damaged area, these specific low-dosed regenerating cocktails deliver an immediate and intensive cure to

  •          Improves micro- circulation,
  •          Improves metabolic and cellular troubles
  •          Stops Hair fall
  •          Stimulates Hair growth
  •          Increases epidermal growth factors
  •          Stimulation and Regeneration of Hair roots
  •          Improves Hair Quality

How Many Sessions of Treatment do I need?

·         1-2 sessions weekly for 4 weeks

·         1 session biweekly for 2 months



·    5-6 sessions per year


Cost of Hair Loss Treatment?



  •      Course of 8 sessions ( first 4 weeks) --          £ 1200 
  •      Course of 4 sessions ( following 8 weeks) --  £ 600   




·         Per session -- £ 150