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12 Advantages Of Learning A New Skill

  1. HAPPINESS – Learning a new skill whether for hobby or a career brings joy and satisfaction, irrespective of age or professional relevance.  It opens doors for personal, family, or professional life with the potential of promoting immense happiness.
  2. EXCITEMENT – Learning a new skill brings you out of the mundane and monotonous life consequently prevents boredom or loss of motivation.
  3. HEALTH – Keeps your mind productively engaged and body Healthy- It helps not only to gain new experiences and It can also be healing for a worried mind. observations do show that learning a new skill is associated with altered white matter structure in the mature brain. Brief periods of brain training can also improve neural networks, so it increases your learning speed.
  4. DEMENTIA – Dementia has been linked to decrease in the white matter of the brain.  Science has not found a cure for dementia yet, but work is in progress.  Till then there are some medications and activities can help with symptoms and managing daily life. Learning new skills and leading an active life are two of the many recommendations by doctors and researchers. People who learn a new skill are less likely to develop dementia as actively learning new skills keep neural pathways healthy and ready for new impulses to travel along them.
  5. SPEED OF LEARNING – Brief periods of brain training can also improve neural networks so it increases the speed of learning
  6. CONFIDENCE – Learning could help to build up confidence and self-esteem. It can also surprise you of your unknown potentials.
  7. CREATIVITY -Learning can trigger creativity and curiosity to learn more or other related skills.
  8. CHALLENGES – Learning new skills trains the mind to cope with a wide range of challenges and overcome the biggest obstacle-MOTIVATION. Learning outcomes can be achieved only by actively getting involved.
  9. COMPETETION – Learning new skills adds to your personal and professional development. It keeps you up to date and ahead of your competitors.
  10. JOB OPPORTUNITIES – New skill may be good for your job or promotion. It is possible that these new set of skills may open many doors of opportunities for a new stream of income.
  11. ADJUSTMENT- You adjust better to change as learning new skills can change your perceptions and provide you with new experiences that makes it easy for you to adapt to unavoidable changes.
  12. RESPECT- Learning new skills makes you more interesting. It increases your respect and admirability. This could mean more, and meaningful relationships could develop. It makes you realise how useful you are to lots of people. You might be the only one in your friends, family and work-place with that skill set so that makes you more popular. It can help you to achieve career goals.

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