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Complaint Policy

Tell Us If We Went Wrong

If you have a complaint or concern about the service you have received from the doctors of any of the staff working in this practice, please let us know.  Your clinical care will not be affected in any way by your complaint. Our complaints system meets national criteria.

How to complain

We hope that most of the problems can be sorted out easily and quickly, often at the time they arise and with the person concerned.  If your problem cannot be sorted out in this way and you wish to make a complaint, we would like you to let us know as soon as possible – ideally, within a matter of days or at most a few weeks – because this will enable us to establish what happened more easily.  If it is not possible to do that, please let us have details of your complaint:

  1. a) within 6 months of the incident that caused the problem; or
  2. b) within 6 months of discovering that you have a problem, providing this is within 12 months of the incident.

Complaints should be addressed to the Practice Manager, our complaints administrator or to Dr Bhavjit Kaur, the Director.  The complaints procedure will be explained to you and we shall endeavor to ensure that your concerns are dealt with promptly.  It will be of great help if you complete a complaint form, being as specific as possible about your complaint.

What we shall do

We shall acknowledge your complaint within two working days and aim to have investigated your complaint within ten working days of the date when you raised it with us.  We shall then be able to offer you an explanation or a meeting with the people involved.  When we look into your complaint, we shall aim to:

  1. Find out what happened and what went wrong.
  2. Make it possible for you to discuss the problem with those concerned, if you would like this.            
  3. Make sure you receive an apology, when this is appropriate.
  4. Identify what we can do to make sure the problem doesn’t happen again.

 Complaining on behalf of someone else

Please note that we keep strictly to the rules of confidentiality.  If you are complaining on behalf of someone else, we have to know that you have their permission to do so.  A note signed by the person concerned will be needed, if they have not signed the complaint form, unless they are incapable (because of illness).

Can I get help in making a complaint?

If you want advice, there are people to give you help with what can be a complicated system.  You can ask for advice and support from your local Community Health Council, who provide a free independent advice and advocacy service.

If you need an interpreter, ask the person dealing with your complaint to provide this if a meeting is arranged or you need a letter translated.

What if I am still dissatisfied?

If you remain dissatisfied, you can ask for an independent review of your complaint.  Write to the Independent Review Secretariat telling them why you are dissatisfied.  You must ask for an independent review within 28 days of the final letter you received about your complaint.  Alternatively, you may if you so wish refer your complaint to the Ombudsman at the stage.

An independent lay person, called a reviewer, will review your complaint with advice from another lay person and a clinical advisor where necessary.  When they look at your complaint they will consider whether there is anything more that can be done locally or whether to hold an independent panel to investigate your complaint.

An independent panel may be set up to investigate your complaint if they consider that a further investigation is likely to find out more information about what happened or because your complaint has not been adequately investigated locally.  The panel is made up of three independent lay people.  Independent clinical advisors will advise the panel but are not members of the panel.  A separate letter explaining this will be sent to you.  You will be informed of the reviewer’s decision in writing.  If you are not satisfied, you can complain to the Health Service Ombudsman contact details as below:-

Millbank Tower, 30, Millbank, London SW1P 4QP

Telephone number: 0345 015 4033

*Results may vary and are different for each individual. As such, Health & Aesthetic Clinic cannot guarantee specific results.

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