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Treatment Tips for Ageing Lips

Over time, the effects of ageing have a physical impact on both the inside and outside of our body, some that are simply superficial and some that may concern our long-term health. Unfortunately, this is a natural process that we have to accept as it can’t be avoided in any way, no matter how hard we try. One of the main effects ageing has is on our skin and our physical appearance, as collagen and elastin levels gradually deplete and cause havoc from within. These two proteins are key building blocks for healthy, youthful skin that can freely stretch and bounce back to its original position. As collagen and elastin proteins diminish, skin begins to lose elasticity, hydration and other youthful components, leading to unsightly fine lines, folds and wrinkles. Certain factors accelerate this process, such as smoking and drinking, sun damage, environmental factors, and the structure of the skin.

Ageing of lips

The skin around the lips is one of the first places to experience premature ageing as it’s more thin and delicate than skin elsewhere on the body hence why ageing lips is a common concern. As early as your 20’s you could start to notice dryness, wrinkling and thinning of the lips as volume loss starts to take its toll. We all crave beautifully symmetrical, lusciously plump, healthy lips, which is exactly what we strive for with each and every one of our lip treatments at Health & Aesthetic Clinic. Depending on the results you’re looking to achieve, our experts recommend one or a number of highly advanced, non-surgical procedures loved by our patients.

Dermal Lip Fillers

Dermal lip fillers are one of the most popular options worldwide, ideal for restoring lost volume and fullness with immediate results! Our hyaluronic acid-based fillers are highly safe and effective, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin from within in order to optimise your long-term results. Through a bespoke treatment plan, we create a lip shape that perfectly compliments your facial structure, for natural-looking, effortless beauty.

The upper lip and lower lip skin ages too and develops wrinkles ( smokers lines or lipstick bleed lines) these areas can be treated by dermal fillers too and refresh this area

Chemical Peels

Alternatively, why not try a chemical skin peel, carefully removing the damaged outer layers of the skin to not only eliminate unsightly wrinkling, but also revealing brighter, radiant skin beneath.

Sublative Radiofrequency Treatment

This option is ideal for dry, deflated lips in desperate need of subtle reinvigoration.. A further option to consider would be sublative skin rejuvenation, whereby our experts use elōs Plus technology from Syneron Candela to boost firmness by delivering bi-polar radiofrequency energy deep into the skin. This encourages the production of collagen for a more fresh-faced appearance.

The best way to determine the right course of action for your lip-lifting needs is to schedule your consultation here at H&A Clinic. It might be that a combination of treatments would offer the best results for you, which is why it’s important to discuss your wants and needs in depth prior to making any firm decisions. Our attentive team are here to support and guide you every step of the way, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask us any questions that you might have!