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How anti wrinkle injections can help you look younger

Anti wrinkle injections administered by a practitioner at our Greenwich practice will have a more significant rejuvenating effect than any product you can buy over the counter. This is because when a treatment is applied by a qualified professional, the active ingredients can be of a stronger concentration than a product that needs to be safe enough to be handled (potentially wrongly) by anyone. If you’ve been applying face creams that make bold claims, without really noticing any effects, it might be time to divert your funds into some tried and tested rejuvenation methods.

What do anti wrinkle injections involve?

The main benefit of anti wrinkle injections is Botulinum Toxin, or Botox. It is administered into the upper face, at specific sites, where deep wrinkles have formed, with a view to smoothing them over. It’s incredible the difference removing one or more deep lines from your face can make to how youthful your appearance is. Botox is approved by the FDA for cosmetic use and has an excellent safety record. Is it effective? There are men and women all over the world who schedule their top up injections religiously because they want to maintain the new, younger, more rested look they’ve achieved.

Botox temporarily stops your facial muscles from contracting. If you visit an experienced practitioner from our Greenwich clinic for your treatment you should achieve a natural-looking rejuvenation that makes you look refreshed, less tired and more attractive, without preventing you from forming all the facial expressions you usually make.

We can vouch for the skills and experience of our practitioners, but be wary of picking a practitioner at random. We’ll help you achieve optimal results, but there are some practitioners out there who haven’t received enough training to provide the natural-looking results we can.

What happens after anti wrinkle treatment?

The treatment itself will take roughly half an hour and we’ll go over every step of the process with you when you book your consultation. No down time is required as this is a non-invasive treatment. There may be a little redness, or bruising, at the site of the injection afterwards, but this soon goes down.

You’ll start to notice a change in your appearance 3-4 days after the treatment and 10-12 days later your new look should be complete. Anti wrinkle injections treat forehead lines, frown lines and crows feet very effectively. 12 days after treatment these lines should be gone.

To find out more about how you could look following an anti wrinkle injection, why not give our Greenwich practice a call to book a consultation. The consultation is a good opportunity for you to find out everything you need to know and decide whether this treatment is for you. Please get in touch.