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Aqualyx: The Solution For Stubborn Fat

Diet and exercise alone just isn’t enough to fight the fat sometimes. There are certain areas of our bodies where stubborn pockets of fat tend to accumulate, refusing to disappear no matter how much effort we put into leading a healthy lifestyle. Luckily, we have the perfect, non-surgical solution here at H&A Clinic – literally!

Fat Dissolving Injections

Aqualyx fat dissolving injections consist of a water-like solution that can be injected directly into stubborn fat pockets in order to liquify the fat cells. As they dissolve, the fat cells are dispelled from the body naturally via the lymphatic system, leaving you with a more sculpted figure. It is a naturally-occurring bile acid within the solution, known as desoxycol acid, that aids fat digestion and is the key to such a successful fat removal treatment.

Practically all areas of the body can be treated, including the stomach, thighs, hips, arms, back, double chin, and even male breasts, or “moobs.” Depending on the size of the treatment area, most patients require between 2-5 injections per area to see the best results, which tend to show best results after around 3-4 weeks. It’s important to remember everyone is different and results may vary patient to patient. You may require more than one session to get the best results possible.

Non-Surgical Alternative to Fat Removal

This non-surgical alternative to fat removal proves extremely popular amongst our patients thanks to the minimally invasive nature of the treatment, with quick results and minimal discomfort. People call this treatment the solution for stubborn fat. Patients tend to experience minor swelling, bruising and redness post-treatment, although these symptoms don’t last long and subside within a few days. Should you maintain a healthy lifestyle post-treatment, there is no reason why your results shouldn’t last long-term.

Book Your Aqualyx Treatment Now

Throughout your consultation, our expert team will consider your needs and expectations to formulate a bespoke treatment plan, as well as giving you the help and advice to maintain your results long-term. Find out more via the H&A Clinic website and get in touch to schedule your consultation today!