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Don’t Break A Sweat – Excessive Sweating

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Sweating is a natural function of the human body, necessary for keeping cool. We all do it, but for an estimated 3% of the British population, excessive sweating is an embarrassing and limiting condition.


Excessive sweating, otherwise known as hyperhidrosis, has an enormous impact on the daily life of those who suffer from the condition. Sufferers of hyperhidrosis continue to produce sweat even when their body does not need to, and it can affect hands, feet, face, and underarms. The effects of excessive sweating can cause difficulty gripping certain objects and unsightly marks on clothing. In some cases, the skin can develop painful infections due to being so frequently moist. If left untreated, excessive sweating can continue in the sufferer for life.

Many hyperhidrosis sufferers are too embarrassed to seek treatment, and for those who do seek advice from their GP, help is often given in the form of short-term solutions such as prescription antiperspirants or medication. Hyperhidrosis is a permanent condition that can impact a sufferer over many years, and this sort of treatment can be inconvenient and difficult to maintain as part of a daily routine. In particular, oral medicines are not recommended for controlling hyperhidrosis on a long term basis.

Excessive Sweating Treatment in Greenwich

Here at the Health and Aesthetic Clinic, we can help patients control excessive sweating. Botulinum toxin, a wrinkle relaxer, is a powerful and innovative way to regulate the effects of hyperhidrosis, that when applied by a trained practitioner, is a safe way to get sweating under control. It is the perfect mid-way point that combines the long-term results of surgical procedures, but without the invasiveness involved, and unlike some other treatments, is recommended for use on all of the areas most commonly affected with excessive sweating. Botulinum toxin works by intercepting the signals from the brain to the sweat glands, dramatically limiting the volume of sweat produced. During the procedure, a weak form of botulinum toxin will be injected into the affected areas 10-12 times. Patients should feel minimal amounts of pain and notice results within 5 days of receiving the treatment. Botulinum toxin treatment usually produces an 82% decrease in sweating, and effects of the procedure lasts between two and eight months, after which they can be retreated.

If you suffer from hyperhidrosis and feel as though botulinum toxin can help you, do not hesitate to get into contact with our specialist team to arrange a consultation and find out more about whether or not this treatment is right for you.