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Hand rejuvenation with Peels, IPL and Fillers

Aside from our face, our hands are our second most exposed feature, making them more prone to damage. Whether the Sun’s harmful UV rays cause dermal destruction, or whether we are more liable to cuts, scrapes and burns because of our hands’ practical use, the skin on our hands is one of the first places to show clear yet often neglected signs of premature ageing.

At Health & Aesthetic Clinic we know how instrumental the hands are at giving away the age of our clients. But, we also know how impactful they are in our day to day lives, and that it is so important that we not only have confidence in the appearance of our hands, but in their ability to do the work to achieve our wider goals. Thankfully, we have a fantastic selection of hand rejuvenation treatments at our clinic, that are fit for the most hard-working, tired and aged extremities.

Our complete hand rejuvenation trifecta is set in the revolutionary technologies behind IPL, chemical peels and dermal fillers. To disguise wrinkles, volume loss, and sunken skin around unsightly veins, Health & Aesthetics can restore your hands to their former elegant and youthful selves.

IPL For the Hands

IPL, or intense pulsed light, uses high frequency light energy to treat the appearance of wrinkles, pigmentation and age spots. The process induces small, controlled punctures in the skin, that stimulate the production of new skin cells in place of the old, damaged tissue. This process also encourages the increased production of collagen and elastin, which naturally depletes as we age, to leave the skin looking smoother.

The Benefits of Chemical Peels

For similar rejuvenation including hyperpigmentation of the hands, specially formulated chemical peels are an excellent way of lightening the skin to reduce the appearance of age spots, uneven skin tone, and even remove the appearance of scars across the skin. Chemical peels hydrate the skin on a deep level, to enhance collagen and elastin production, and to reverse the drying, damaging effects of Sun exposure. Chemical peels encourage the old, damaged skin to shed from the hands over a few days, to reveal fresh, younger-looking skin below.

Treating the Hands with Dermal Fillers

While the hands might seem like an unusual place to administer dermal fillers, their effects can be drastically apparent when used by our highly skilled doctors here at Health & Aesthetic Clinic. Ageing causes the depletion of volume in the skin across the whole body, and the hands are no exception. However, sunken skin on the hands often reveals unsightly veins across the hands, leading to an elderly appearance. Dermal fillers restore this lost volume for smoother, more plump skin that is free from wrinkles, and that reduces the appearance of prominent bones, knuckles and veins.

Rejuvenation treatments for the hands are becoming increasingly popular, and our doctors at Health & Aesthetic Clinic have extensive experience on how to treat your specific condition. We will be able to advise you which treatment may work best for you, or whether you would benefit from a combination of the above treatments for the very best results. To book your initial consultation with our established team, get in touch.