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Health and Aesthetic Clinic – At your service

What many people don’t realise about Health & Aesthetic Clinic is that, alongside an extensive range of cosmetic treatments, from dermal fillers to laser hair removal, we also offer a variety of health services. After all, it’s in our name. We are committed to patient safety and well-being in all that we do, offering a comprehensive healthcare service comprising of non-surgical treatments as well as services such as private doctors, medical reporting and blood tests. Below are just some of the fantastic services available at our clinic.

Blood Testing

We offer a whole host of blood tests and in most cases we will have the results within 24 hours! Ideal for emergency testing situations or if there is a need to know as soon as possible. This includes:
– HIV I & II Antibodies
– Hepatitis C Antibody
– Hepatitis A Antigen/Antibody
– Prostatic Specific Antigen
– Diabetes Check
– Liver Function Test
– Renal Function Test
– Thyroid Function Test
– Full Biochemistry Profile
– Haematology Profile
– Lipid Profile
– Cholesterol Testing
– Private pregnancy


As with all of our treatments and services at H&A Clinic, our contraceptive services are completely confidential. We offer contraceptive tablets, injections, implants and devices.

Medical Reporting

Depending on your individual requirements, we can prepare bespoke Medico Legal Reports for a number of situations. Physiotherapy, X-rays and MRI scans come with numerous follow-up requirements that can be arranged at H&A Clinic, as can Life Insurance reports and Driver’s Medical reports.

Private Doctors

Private doctors are available for standard GP consultations involving blood testing, prescriptions, and consultant and specialist referrals.

Well Person Clinic

Our team focus on promoting and maintaining good health by early detection and prevention of diseases. You can invest in your future health with a comprehensive health screen at H&A Clinic.

If you have any questions or queries about the health services on offer at Health & Aesthetic Clinic, be sure to contact us via our contact details. You can also book your consultation today!