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Summer Body Secrets – Massage

The time has come to reveal the fourth and final addition to our list of essential Summer treatments, and this one might just be the best kept secret of all! You might find yourself asking what we could have possibly missed among the first 3 steps on the path towards the ultimate beach-ready body, and the answer might surprise you.

So far we’ve focussed on unwanted hair, body contouring and facial rejuvenation, covering all bases of health and aesthetics, it might seem! However, what a lot of patients forget is that taking care of your body from the inside is just as important as your outward appearance. Beauty and health begin from within, which is why our bespoke massage treatments are the last of our H&A Clinic Summer Body Secrets.

Relaxation is Key

Our attentive team believe that massage is a strong form of therapy that not only offers some much-needed downtime and relaxation, but also addresses a plethora of physical and mental health concerns. As well as reducing muscle tension and stiffness, a holistic massage techniques provide relief from headaches, improve circulation, and boost immunity, not to mention aiding sleep, and relieving both anxiety and depression for many patients.

Bespoke treatment plans allow our highly trained and experienced massage experts to tailor your massage in order to focus on specific problems, while also enhancing your general wellbeing. We are able to hone in on the exact muscles and joints that are causing you a problem by paying close attention to specific tensions and pressure points.

Massage at Health & Aesthetic Clinic

In the run up to the warm summer months, re-energise, rejuvenate and relax with a soothing massage at Health & Aesthetic Clinic, from the widely popular hot stone massage to the famous Indian head massage. Whether you’d simply love to indulge in a one-off treatment, or you’d like to make a start on a long-term course of massages, you’ll certainly see the benefits almost instantly. Massage also fits in perfectly as a wonderful addition to our bespoke aesthetic treatment plans at Health & Aesthetic Clinic.

With the expert care and advice of our highly skilled team, this Summer could be your most beautiful yet! We’re here to make your treatment as comfortable and beneficial as possible, so don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your next massage, and be sure to revisit the H&A Clinic blog to unlock the rest of our Summer Body Secrets.