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New Skin for 2019

Saying hello to a New Year might come with bright ideas of a fresh start, or it might make us reflect on the past year. Whether it’s exercising to get in shape or cutting down on habits that negatively affect our wellbeing, an array of resolutions are always spinning around our social circles as people try to make the coming year the best one yet.

Taking The Backseat

Often overlooked, our skin can get us feeling down around the festive season, but is quickly forgotten once gym membership starts in January and our commitment is focussed on another goal. Indulging in delicious food and drinks over December can leave our skin at its worst condition of the year, and might still be affecting our self-confidence at the turning of the calendar. So, why not make your skin a priority in 2019?

Taking great care of your skin takes commitment, but many of us already have the tools we need to get our complexion to its peak condition. Read on for some great ways of Skin Rejuvenation London based and getting your skin back on track, for putting your best face forward this year.

Regularly cleanse and moisturise

Having a consistent routine is the most important thing to keep in mind when carving a path to better skin, and keeping the skin clean is the cornerstone of keeping blemishes at bay. Cleansing the skin both morning and night to remove impurities and unclog congested pores reduces the amount of excess sebum on the skin, that can cause acne and pimples. After cleansing, it’s important to find a great moisturiser that suits your skin to ease any tightness associated with lack of moisture in the dermal layers, and to promote healthy production of new skin cells.


Youthful appearances are usually punctuated by a rosy-cheeked glow, but the days of naturally radiating health from your cheeks might seem long-gone. However, that once-possessed glow can be regained by all of us, with some carefully routined exfoliation. Exfoliating onces a week and we suggest doing a peels course of 4-6 treatments and maintenance with leave on cream. This will clear impurities from the pores, but also removes dead skin cells that build up on your outer surface layer. Exfoliating once a week can have regenerating effects on your complexion, as the circulatory stimulation also promotes healthy new cells to grow, and to produce collagen for a fuller, more youthful appearance.

There’s no better time for sunscreen

While most of us reserve sunscreen for our Summer vacation, SPF protection is vital to continue year-round to prevent sun damage to our skin and to prevent early signs of aging. Even in the winter months, the Sun’s UV rays can make changes to our skin if we aren’t protecting it, leading to pigmentation, minor sunburn, and even the development of cancerous skin cells. If you don’t feel like adding a sunscreen into your new routine until the sun is more prominent in the sky, why not look for a moisturiser with added SPF protection?

Make lip-balm a must-have

When you’ve settled into a great, consistent routine caring for your skin, try not to neglect your other features – dry lips can give the illusion that all your hard work isn’t working. We can assure you that with the right products, it is! Always carry a hydrating lip balm with some added SPF protection, to give your lips that extra boost of healthiness and punctuate your new clear skin look.

Skin Rejuvenation London Based

Creating a new skincare routine is really only the second step of the way towards a great complexion. The third step is keeping to your new regimen to create consistency, but the first step is vitally important. Choosing the right products for your skin can be overwhelming – with so many products on the market promising miracle results, it can be hard to focus on what your skin truly needs. Each complexion is completely different, and no two skincare routines should be the same. At Health & Aesthetics, we offer complete skin consultations to analyse your skin, and assess will benefit your complexion the most. In the consultation we can give you guidance and advice, and tailor your own specific skincare plan to help you on your way to reaching your 2019 goals.

For more tailored advice on how to develop a unique skincare plan for your greatest complexion yet, get in touch with us at Health & Aesthetics to book your consultation. Like most New Year’s resolutions, the act of creating and starting a new habit for positive change is usually the biggest hurdle. Let us help you achieve your goals, and get in touch today.