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Get Summer Ready with Health & Aesthetic Clinic

Feeling and looking beautiful always comes from within, but gaining body confidence in time for Summer will elevate your self-esteem beyond your expectations. Whether you regularly visit the beach, or stepping out in your swimwear is a personal goal of yours, Health & Aesthetic Clinic are here to offer body-refining services to make you feel your very best. With hair removal, body contouring and fat dissolving treatments available under our roof, you’ll be proud to step into the sunshine when Summer finally rolls around. But, getting Summer ready at Health & Aesthetic Clinic means starting your beauty treatments in Spring to see your dream results.

Hair Free for Summer

Our laser hair removal treatments are a completely pain-free, non-invasive procedure that effectively and permanently reduces unwanted body hair. Using our specialist technology, gentle bursts of energy are applied across the area to be treated. This process eliminates the hair at their follicle roots, preventing regrowth and creating smooth, reduced hair results. We are always diligent at producing excellent results safely, and that’s why our laser hair treatments are so popular – we can treat all hair and skin types safely and effectively using our Elos plus diode laser innovations.

Your Summer Body

3D Lipo Body Contouring treatments are a fantastic way of reducing fat, cellulite, and toning skin that sits looser across the body. This revolutionary treatment produces results that are comparable to surgical contouring, due to its multi-pronged approach. Our highly skilled aestheticians can perform ultrasound cavitation and cryotherapy to break down and kill fat cells; use radio frequency to tighten and tone loose skin; and use shock wave technology to assist the drainage of fatty lipids to reduce cellulite. The beauty of this treatment is that it can be specifically tailored to you and your needs, so that you can be confident in your bespoke treatment to achieve the Summer body you desire.


Many of our clients come to us with concerns over stubborn areas of fat that refuse to respond to dietary changes or exercise. Our team has performed hundreds of successful Aqualyx Fat Dissolving treatments, generating excellent results for our clients year-round. Using a series of painless injections into the problem area, this treatment liquifies fat cells to dissolve fat pockets under the skin, that is then organically removed from the body via the lymphatic system. This incredible treatment effectively uses your body’s natural systems to target areas that cause you concern, such as the stomach; chin; hips; thighs; arms; back; above the knees; and is also suitable to treat male breasts.


To truly benefit from these revolutionary body-perfecting technologies, we highly recommend getting in touch with us today to book your consultation. All three of these advanced procedures will produce the best results over a course of treatments, for long-lasting improvement. Invest in your body this Spring, so that you can see the results in Summer!