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Moles, also known as naevi, are dark spots that can appear anywhere on the body and can be raised or flat. They are made from small aggregates of melanocytes – the cells that provide the pigment in one’s skin. Moles are very common and don’t usually cause any problems.

Moles are usually brown but can vary from flesh-coloured, to pink, black or blue. They are sometimes flat, may be raised and rounded or warty looking. They are usually quite symmetrical, circular and evenly pigmented.

If start to change in size, shape, colour or symmetry then it can be a sign of skin cancer. Moles might also start to itchy, scab over or bleed when they develop into skin cancer.  Melanoma can be very serious if it is left untreated, so it is important to have any suspicious moles removed and tested. If the mole did contain cancerous cells then your doctor will want to make sure that they were all removed during the procedure & they are sent for histology check for cancer.

At Health & Aesthetic Clinic mole removal treatment is provided by highly experienced doctors in safe, clinical environment. You will be provided treatment option and exact cost after a consultation with our experienced doctor.

Cost: Starting from £320.00

Histology of mole £160.00 (for single specimen)

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