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Wrinkle-relaxing injections are the treatment of choice for London city bankers

The Evening Standard recently published an article detailing what London city bankers like to spend their money on – the answer, perhaps surprisingly, was wrinkle-relaxing injections! It seems there’s a need to stay fresh in the city in order to get business underway. Many surveys support the fact that you’re more likely to be taken seriously in industry if you maintain your looks. Many men and women are even reportedly skipping board meetings to get their Botox top-ups on time.

Wrinkle-relaxing injections from our Greenwich practice are not just for women. Men now make up 10% of facial aesthetics customers according to the article. We treat both men and women here, to give them a subtle, natural-looking rejuvenation, that will help them look less tired, refreshed and ultimately a little younger.

Why are wrinkle-relaxing injections so popular in Greenwich

Botulinum Toxin is the main ingredient of wrinkle-relaxing injections and what it does is stop your muscles from contracting. As your muscles contracting is what helps to form lines and wrinkles on your face, when your collagen production slows down in your late 20s, preventing them from doing this, should also smooth over facial lines. Our highly trained Greenwich-based practitioners are very experienced in delivering this type of treatment. They use a consistent, less-is-more approach to ensure that your rejuvenation is as flattering as possible.

Botox works best on wrinkles located on the upper face. It is used effectively to smooth over forehead lines, frown lines and crows feet. It is administered by injection into a target area of the face. Most of our customers report that the procedure isn’t painful, but should you wish have a local anaesthetic cream applied beforehand, we can do that. Unlike surgical solutions, this non-invasive anti-ageing treatment needs no recovery time and won’t leave you scarred. The results can be seen after 10-14 days and they last for 3-4 months.

After 3-4 months, you’ll find that your wrinkles will begin to return and it’s at this point that you might want to book your top-up treatment. Your colleagues will notice that you’re looking ‘well’ as opposed to looking as if you’ve had a treatment. They’ll probably be wondering why you’re not a stressed as they are!

If you’d like find out more about the wrinkle-relaxing injections we provide from our Greenwich clinic, please give our reception team a call and book yourself in for a consultation. We work closely each individual client in order to tailor our treatment accordingly. Please get in touch.